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what we're all about

Welcome to Retirement Living Artwork by Frame Den.

We provide wall art for the older people's accommodation sector. We've built a reputation for excellence, offering a comprehensive 'design, print, manufacture and install' service for projects right across the UK. We're also renowned for providing first class customer service and great value for money.

Our clients include interior designers, care home operators and social housing providers.

With access to millions upon millions of images, we are highly skilled at sourcing pictures to meet your project needs. Whether you're looking to update your artwork as part of a refurbishment or you're planning the interiors of a brand new building, Frame Den can provide exactly what you're looking for.

Every project is different but what unites them all is the need to meet the needs of residents. So we work hand-in-hand with clients to gain a clear insight into the particular requirements of each project. Our team has built a wealth of knowledge on how to provide the right kind of wall art for people living with dementia, and for those with diminishing visual acuity. 

That's why working with us means you're safe in the hands of probably THE leading retirement living artwork supplier in the UK.